Congratulations for our Sustainability Project Presentation

To all our students and staff,
Congratulations! You did an amazing job. Four amazing students represented our school’s sustainability project which is two years in the making around improving students’ access to clean drinking water at Goethe’s International Conference which takes place from 11/13-15.
We thank Yocheved Ligier, Daniela Plaza, Wendy Chavez, Abigail Aviles and our social studies teacher Mr. David Edelman for their advocacy work in their sustainability project on water that they presented as winners at the Goethe Institute's International Sustainability Conference this past week. We are so proud of them. We had four students participate. They made us at Union Square Academy for Health Sciences, the district, and the NYC Department of Education so proud. The focus was on improving water. Here are some clips of the student presentations and conference in which students and Mr. David Edelman participated in. The link shows you highlights of the conference and the presentation of our students. 
See Wendy Chavez's presentation attached!