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Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome Information

The NYC Department of Health is currently investigating cases of Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome, or PMIS, a new health condition appearing in children in New York City and elsewhere. The NYC Health Department is also investigating the possible association between PMIS and COVID-19 in children. Some doctors think the condition is related to having COVID19, but the connection is still not clear.

COVID-19 Testing Sites NYC

Hi Parents!
NYC is opening more testing sites for New Yorkers who need to be tested for COVID-19. Visit for information and locations.

Thank you!

Announcement about Zoom Platform

We are pleased to announce that now, following several weeks of collaboration with the company, we are now able to offer Zoom as a safe, secure platform for use across the DOE. All schools and students will have free access to a central, secure DOE account for learning and collaboration. Our work with Zoom included reaching an agreement about data encryption and storage, creating settings for our platform to make sure only DOE participants and specifically invited guests can enter classrooms or meetings and giving meeting hosts more control over their classrooms and meetings.

Food Resources for Families

To all students and families,

Here is the link to sites in each borough in New York City for food resources for families! I hope this helps. You just click the link and look for the one nearest to you and your family.
Keep safe and healthy!

B. Ascona
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