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Summer Math Packet for Incoming USA FRESHMEN!!

You can either print this packet or record all of your work on lined paper. If you are using lined paper, make sure everything is in order and easy to follow.
Complete each problem and show your work when requested.
Be prepared to turn in your work to your teacher on the Friday of the first week of school.
Your packet will be graded on completion and effort.
When you get your graded packet back, you will have an opportunity to check all of your answers for accuracy.
Your teacher will set a date early in the school year, at which time you will be tested on your knowledge of this material.
This packet - combined with the test - will make up 10% of your first marking period grade.

Incoming Freshmen Class of 2023 Summer Reading

"As you prepare for the start of your high school career your teachers at Union Square Academy for Health Sciences are asking you to do some reading and writing over the summer to help keep your mind fresh This grade will count towards your first marking period in English class."
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