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Principal's Message

Dear students and parents,

We want to welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year at Union Square Academy for Health Sciences. Our theme this year is “Inspiring with Passion to Learn” remotely, and in-person.

Our school has a unique mission to provide a secure, attractive, friendly environment in which students are actively engaged in attaining the skills and content necessary to learn through project based career and technical instruction and seek admission to college or post-secondary education upon graduation from high school. We have added many digital platforms (Collections for English books and articles, databases, Edmentum Math, Castle Learning, virtual science labs) this year so teachers and students have resources to learn online remotely or in-person. These include Edmentum BASE curriculum during advisories to help all students with trauma, loss and other coping skills.

Using our student support services, our students and their parents are actively involved in plotting realistic, attainable learning targets (goals) that will lead them to a high school diploma and future career objectives. Our guidance counselors are available via their Google numbers for counseling and support Ms. Nancy Nunez (9th and 10th grades) at 1-917-740-8064 and Mr. Jeremy Ducos (11th and 12th grades) at 1-929-333-5279. Our parent coordinator, Tiffany Pitts, can always assist students and parents as well at 1-917-499-0506. If you need working papers email Mr. Harlington Ariza, our business manager at HAriza@unionsquareacademy.org with your student name and number. He will call you with process. Our college counselor Mr. Tahmid Nazrul can be reached at 1-914-357-4184 or TNazrul@unionsquareacademy.org.

With the support of rich partnerships, consisting of St. John’s University, New York University’s College of Dentistry, dental offices, hospitals, pharmacies, Peer Group Connection, College Bound Initiative, iMentor, and Clearly Gottlieb law firm, we have designed an educational environment grounded in academics, career skills and the medical field with technology components.

This learning milieu enables you to develop cognitively, socially and emotionally, and to demonstrate high standards in the academic realm by offering more individualized and personalized instruction in an environment that emphasizes parental involvement and a strong sense of community.

Union Square Academy for Health Sciences reflects the following beliefs and practices:
· All students can grow to their maximum career and college potential.
· Students will speak, dress, act and learn appropriately at all remote and blended learning venues.
· Students will complete digital online tasks and assignments with support from teachers.
· Virtual labs will be used this year.
· Students will learn to speak appropriately in all areas of the school online or in-person.
· Students will be prepared for dental laboratory technician or pharmacy technician examination by senior year.


We anticipate the support and cooperation of our staff, our students, and their parents in realizing our school goals for 2020-2021 during pandemic. The first step you can take is to read the student manual and get acquainted with our school rules and regulations. Once again, we want to welcome you to our school and wish you a successful 2020-2021 school year experience.

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Bernardo Ascona
Union Square Academy for Health Sciences (U. S. A.)