Student Government Corner

Student Government advocates are elected by their peers and serve to represent the interests, ideas, needs, and rights of their fellow classmates. We meet weekly and aspire to build a sustainable sense of community; bridging the gap between administration, teachers, staff, and students. Promoting a safe, productive, work environment that fosters reflection and growth is our number one goal with the overall takeaway being equity of voice and supporting one another. We believe in improving the overall student experience at Union Square Academy for Health Sciences. 
2021-2022 Student Government Officials
President, Grace Rivera
Vice President, Ashley Pacheco 
Secretary, Li Qiong Han 
Culture & Communication, Sherly Gomerez & Yohany Meneses
Social Committee, Brisa Pereyra & Roma Yang 
12th Grade Representative, Wendy Chavez
11th Grade Representative, Parvina Makhmadalieva
10th Grade Representative, Eliza Paula
9th Grade Representative, Elsa Ramirez