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School Policies

Vision: U. S. A. will have a diverse student population which will prepare our young adults to survive in an interconnected world with knowledge not only in the traditional core (reading, writing, and arithmetic) but also in developing the interpersonal skills and understanding of the contemporary world with experiential learning (industry based) and project based learning in various S. T. E. M. fields and teaching. U. S. A. will create a safe and supportive learning environment.
Mission: The mission of the school will be to develop a diverse student body (females and minorities especially) which will use creativity, innovation and critical thinking in S. T. E. M. career areas focused on health sciences to problem solve, communicate and collaborate effectively. The use of digital literacy, career and life skills will be emphasized during project based assessments. Our students will be immersed in project based learning in all content areas focusing on critical thinking so students can analyze and respond well to the new global economy. Students will explore S. T. E. M. areas with online curricula in all grades leading to internships in community by junior and senior years which are focused on experiential learning.